Google's Gemini: The New Force in Generative AI?

Google Gemini Ai Large language models Generative ai

By AI Sam

Dec 07, 2023

Much excitement surrounds the Google's launch of Gemini, its most sophisticated large language model (LLM) yet. Built with an ability to interpret and interact with multiple types of data, this model looks set to influence the generative AI market profoundly. By moving beyond the traditional AI confines of text-based understanding natively, Google claims Gemini has set a new benchmark for LLMs. 😮

Core to Gemini's differentiation are these so-called "multimodal" capabilities, whereby the model can process and interact not only with textual data but also with audio and video data. This flexibility promises a more comprehensive understanding of and interaction with the multimedia world. 🌐

In a comparative analysis carried out by Google, Gemini was noted to outperform GPT-4, its direct competitor by OpenAI, in 30 of 32 tests. According to Google, the tests highlight how Gemini shines with its interaction and understanding of audio and video data. 🏅

Scalability and adaptability seem to be central to the design of Gemini, with Google releasing varying versions of the model: Gemini Nano for Android gadgets, Gemini Pro for Google AI services and Gemini Ultra intended for data centre and enterprise use. This strategy might enable broader application and accessibility of the LLM across platforms and devices. 📈

The tech giant also has plans to integrate Gemini into its search engine, advertising products, and Chrome browser. This move is meant to optimise Google’s services by enhancing user interaction, data interpretation, and service delivery. 🎯

Relative to GPT-4 and other LLMs, Gemini promises a more dynamic interplay between different data forms. This feature might make it possible to merge visuals and text, respond to follow-up text queries, and extract feature-rich content from videos, leading to new use-cases for generative AI. 🧩

With its array of consumer and business services already positioned to utilise Gemini's capabilities, Google might have found a path to real value in the generative AI market. Gemini could be about to re-shape Google’s strategy —and the AI field as a whole. 🚀


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