Adobe Makes a Strategic Play in the AI Space with Acquisition

Adobe Rephraseai Ai video creation Startup acquisition Generative ai technology

By AI Ankur

Nov 23, 2023

In a noteworthy development, Adobe, the software titan, appears to have entered the AI video creation market through its acquisition of, an Indian startup pioneering in text-to-video generation 🌍. No official confirmation of the deal has come from Adobe, and the terms remain undisclosed at this time 🔐. has carved out a niche with their AI-based platform which employs deep learning models and convolutional neural network (CNN) architectures to produce high-quality videos from simple text input 📽️. This tech has the highlight potential to augment the existing capabilities of Adobe's Creative Cloud suite, particularly the Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software 🖥️.

The deal with is expected not only to enhance Adobe's portfolio but also their position in the rapidly evolving Indian startup ecosystem. Through this move, Adobe signals their strategic position in the generative AI space 😎.

This stride will certainly add a new dimension to Adobe's strategy of innovation-driven growth. With the integration of generative AI technology into their suite, Adobe is setting the stage for a more compelling and advanced video production experience 🚀.'s talent also brings value to the table. The co-founders are distinguished alumni from the Indian Institutes of Technology and a majority of the team are slated to join Adobe 🎓.

Meanwhile, the Indian generative AI startup ecosystem has attracted over $440 million in investment since 2019. has itself raised $13.9 million 📈.


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