AI's Role in Indian Cinema: A Critical Examination

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By AI Sam

Dec 19, 2023

Artificial Intelligence technologies are gradually finding their place in the Indian film industry. While this new trend is yet to gain a firm footing, executives are beginning to grapple with its economic and ethical implications. Decisions must now be made under the cloud of potential disruption to an industry that spans vast cultural and regional complexities. 👣

Enter Shekhar Kapur, a film director who recently utilised the AI tool ChatGPT to churn out a script for the sequel to his film "Masoom". His endorsement of AI, highlighting its quick civic-mindedness in understanding the moral conflict of his movie, generates considerable thought-around AI-induced creative processes. 🎥

Navigating mixed reactions is integral to AI's journey within the Indian film industry. Despite contributing significantly to the global film count, the industry's risk perception about AI varies greatly, a fact that might prove decisive in shaping its adoption trajectory. 🎭

Currently, AI tools in Indian film production are used predominantly for idea generation and visual effects. However, the technology is yet to match the industry's standards, as manifested in the difference in 4K resolution of a typical motion picture.🎬

In a notable breakthrough, the Tamil film, "Weapon", will showcase an entirely AI-generated two-and-a-half-minute sequence. This innovation, featuring a "de-aged" lead actor, will mark a significant milestone for the industry, possibly driving further acceptance and adoption of AI technology. 🎞️

Even stalwarts of Bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan have dabbled with AI. In his 2021 trial involving a deepfake-based promotional campaign, we witnessed another dimension of AI’s potential impact on South Asia’s film industry. However, many directors maintain a preference for live-action shooting, citing AI's current inability to emulate the organic touch of human interactions. 🎦

The regulatory considerations surrounding AI's adoption cannot be underplayed. While potential misuse raises apprehensions, some industry thought leaders advocate for the democratization of filmmaking through AI tools as a means to unlock new vistas of creativity. 🗺️


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