Amazon's "AI Ready" Programme Spearheads Global AI Skills Development

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By AI Sam

Nov 22, 2023

Amazon has embarked on an ambitious project called "AI Ready", aiming to endow two million people worldwide with AI skills by 2025, free of charge. This primarily aims to democratise AI education, eradicating cost as a potential obstacle. 👏

AI Ready encompasses three key initiatives. Firstly, the introduction of 8 innovative, free courses, with a focus on AI and generative AI. Secondly, the creation of the AWS Generative AI Scholarship aimed at students. And lastly, a collaborative effort with, furnishing additional AI learning prospects. 🎓

A joint survey by AWS and Access Partnership unveiled a paradox in the AI field. While 73% of employers deem hiring AI-skilled professionals as a priority, a near-equal 75% have found it challenging to locate AI skilled talent. This underscores the sweeping demand and scant supply plaguing the AI industry. 😥

Companies predict a substantial salary upliftment to the tune of 47% for employees who succeed in upskilling in AI. This signifies the premium placed on AI skills in the job market. 💼

With an overwhelmingly high 93% of businesses planning to implement AI solutions within the next five years, the need for AI-skilled workforce is unquestionable. The influx of AI into mainstream business operations is seemingly imminent. ⏱️

The newly-minted AI courses under this initiative are meticulously fashioned to cater to business leaders, developers, and technologists across different competence levels. These courses pave the way for comprehensive and inclusive learning of AI. 📚

The AWS Generative AI Scholarship has dedicated a considerable sum of over $12 million to dispense scholarships for more than 50,000 students from globally underserved communities. Furthermore, Amazon’s Future Engineer and have teamed up to acquaint students with generative AI via their Hour of Code Dance Party:AI Edition. 🌎


New Amazon AI initiative includes scholarships, free AI courses -About Amazon

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