ElevenLabs Launches Grant Programme to Boost AI Audio Innovation

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By AI Sam

Dec 01, 2023

ElevenLabs, a firm specialising in AI voice technology, recently launched a grant programme for early-stage innovators. Aimed at providing access to its advanced AI tools free of charge for a period of three months, over 4,000 grants are set to be awarded, with a focus on AI audio innovation. With this initiative, ElevenLabs hopes to create new avenues for startups to realize the potential of its technology. 🎙️

In order to be eligible for the grant, startups must have a team of no more than 25 employees. They're also required to provide a detailed business plan, specifying how they intend to incorporate AI into their product or services. Only a single application per company is allowed, while current clients of ElevenLabs are ineligible. 👥

The selected grant recipients are not only given the opportunity to access ElevenLabs' state-of-the-art tools, but also receive more than 200 hours of high-quality audio that effectively emulates human tones and emotions. This also includes early access to new ElevenLabs features, which could be seen as a competitive advantage for voice-oriented AI startups. ElevenLabs is targeting both B2C and B2B startups with this initiative, and once the grant term concludes, recipients have the option to convert to a paid plan at a discounted rate. 📚

In essence, the grant programme by ElevenLabs appears to be a strategic initiative designed to lower entry barriers for businesses with novel ideas for implementing AI voice technology. The company claims that since its inception in 2022, it has not only been delivering AI voice technology solutions at scale, but also playing an active role in nurturing the next generation of AI-driven organisations. 🌍

Given that the implementation of voice technologies often comes with high development costs, especially for startups, the grant programme by ElevenLabs could be a valuable opportunity. Our view is that in areas like audio and videom such initiatives hold the key to more widespread adoption and integration of AI tools throughout the economy. 🔑


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