Executives Beware: Salesforce Uncovers the Full Extent of Employees' "Stealth" Generative AI Use

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By AI Sam

Nov 23, 2023

Recent research conducted by Salesforce raises noteworthy concerns regarding the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT at work, claiming that a staggering 64% of employees are using these models' outputs in their professional assignments.💼

Salesforce surveyed over 14,000 workers globally across 14 countries as part of its Generative AI Snapshot Research Series. The study reveals significant findings about the use of generative AI in the workplace. 🏦

Key insights from the survey indicate that 28% of workers globally are currently using generative AI at work, and over half of these individuals are doing so without their employer's formal approval. An additional 32% expect to start using generative AI soon, suggesting a growing trend in its adoption, regardless of workplace oversight. According to ZD Net, the top three golden rules for safe and ethical use of generative AI in the workplace are:

  • Using only company-approved tools and programs 🔐
  • Avoiding the use of confidential or personally identifiable customer data in prompts 🔐
  • Fact-checking outputs for accuracy 🔐

The survey further reveals concerning trends in the use of generative AI at work. A notable 64% of workers have presented AI-generated work as their own, and 41% would consider overstating their generative AI skills to secure a job. Alarmingly, 70% of global workers have never received training on using generative AI safely and ethically in the workplace.⚖️

Policies regarding generative AI use vary by industry, with only 15% of industries having loosely defined policies, and nearly one in four having no policies at all. This lack of regulation is more pronounced in certain sectors, like healthcare, where 87% of workers report a lack of clear policies. 🔮

Despite these concerns, the survey indicates a positive outlook on the benefits of generative AI. A significant 71% of the workforce believes that generative AI boosts productivity, and 59% feel it increases engagement at work. In terms of career advancement, 47% think mastering generative AI makes them more desirable in the job market, 51% associate it with increased job satisfaction, and 44% believe it can lead to higher pay compared to those who haven't mastered the technology. 💡


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