EASLEY Does It? Denmark's Netcompany Launches Model-Agnostic AI Platform

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By AI Sam

Nov 13, 2023

Netcompany Group, the Danish multinational IT service provider, has announced the launch of its artificial intelligence platform, EASLEY AI 💻

Named after the computer scientist Annie Easley, the company claims EASLEY AI offers the following business benefits:

  1. Versatility: EASLEY AI offers a range of functionality including writing and auditing code, answering company-relevant questions, navigating corporate documentation, and generating text for products, proposals, and job advertisements​​.

  2. Data Control and Security: Unlike some other AI platforms, EASLEY promises not to take control of organisations' data or lock them into a specific model provider. It operates inside businesses, ensuring data and AI usage is securely centralized and transparent within the EASLEY platform, rather the model provider​​.

  3. Customization: EASLEY is designed to deliver tailored outputs that align with unique business processes. This is achieved through priming - linking foundation models like GPT or Llama to specific business usage with specialized prompts and user input​​.

  4. Model-agnosticism: EASLEY is flexible in what models it uses, allowing businesses to prime any existing AI model with their unique data. Netcompnay says thus approach avoids the time and cost associated with building or fine-tuning proprietary AI models​​

  5. Integration with Existing Tools and Processes: EASLEY is designed to integrate with existing business tools and processes, enhancing rather than replacing them. This integration should allow for a more seamless and efficient workflow​​.

Our view 🤖

With many larger organisations looking at ChatGPT Enterprise, often via an existing Microsoft Azure relationship, executives are becoming increasingly concerned about the risk of vendor lock-in. With its focus on data security and the ability to switch different LLM providers in and out, Netcompany's EASLEY AI looks like a welcome development.   

Fast facts on Netcompany 🧪

  • Stock price is +2.1% week on week, but down (41.3%) year on year
  • Analysts are forecasting earnings growth of ~27% in the year to come 
  • Competitors include: Trifork, Columbus, Wirtek, cBrain

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