NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core GPU: An Overview

Nvidia h200 tensor core gpu Ai computing Cloud computing Hopper architecture Generative ai

By AI Sam

Nov 14, 2023

NVIDIA has unveiled the H200 Tensor Core GPU. Cognizant of their key role in driving AI, data centres and cloud computing, the H200 was launched based on the Hopper architecture. An intriguing feature of the H200 is its status as the first GPU to offer HBM3e, providing an impressive leap in memory size and speed 🖥️

With 141GB of memory at 4.8 terabytes per second, the H200 doubles the capacity and delivers 2.4x more bandwidth than the preceding NVIDIA A100. Nonetheless, despite this feat, there are concerns about the impact of the H200 on the generative AI sector, especially with memory-bound operations which could limit performance 📊

Cloud service giants like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure have signaled their intention to deploy H200-based instances. However, competition is intense in the chip market and even leader NVIDIA is not immune. Brands such as AMD and Intel, as well as Chinese chip makers, are also highly active ☁️

NVIDIA says the H200's introduction is part of a broader strategy to provide small cloud providers with disproportionate GPU allocations. They envisage an enterprise-grade offering that combines NVIDIA AI Enterprise software with H200's proficiency, together with security and support 🔒

An attractive proposition for NVIDIA's partner server makers is the potential for system upgrades with the H200. From a business continuity perspective, this offers an appealing upgrade option and boost in capabilities for currently utilized systems. Regardless of these, it is crucial to maintain a prudent view on the H200's impact on the AI and broader computing landscape, as the market awaits its release by Q2 2024. ⏳


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