OpenAI’s AGI Committee: Unresolved Questions

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By AI Sam

Nov 15, 2023

OpenAI, the acclaimed artificial intelligence and machine learning research and development organisation, is known for its commitment towards the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI). These are systems designed to match human capabilities in practically all types of economically valuable work. As part of OpenAI's ambitious vision, a unique six-member panel, including CEO Sam Altman, has the critical role of determining when the ambitious goal of AGI has been achieved. 📃

Much has been said about OpenAI's mission to build AGI. One controversial aspect is that if / when AGI is realised, it will not be included in any intellectual property licensing or commercial agreements with Microsoft, OpenAI's principal financier. The company says this underlines its commitment to its overarching mission, over and above potential financial gains. Notably, despite a connection to the Effective Altruism movement, OpenAI maintains that none of its board members subscribe to effective altruism.  ✋

OpenAI, initially a nonprofit established in 2015, created a for-profit subsidiary in response to the hefty financial requirements of the AGI project. This subsidiary, however, remains under the legal obligation to prioritise OpenAI's mission of ensuring safe and beneficial AGI. Critics argue the lack of a concrete definition of AGI and the impact of current AI tools and models. 🔬

The procedure adopted by OpenAI's board for decision-making has raised eyebrows. Despite being marked as unusual by experts, the board faces no legal impediments in their course of action. This unconventional approach may prove pivotal in their quest toward AGI. 🔧

OpenAI has an overarching aim of generating and distributing global wealth through AGI. However, details about how this strategy would work remain opaque at present. This has fuelled some speculation and uncertainty about the future plans of the organisation. 💰

The pathway to AGI as proposed by OpenAI currently lacks concrete initial goals; considerable challenges still need to be overcome before true AGI is realised. However, the organisation remains steadfast in its mission. No doubt, the actions taken by OpenAI and other players in this field will define the future of artificial intelligence. 🏋


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