A First Look at Amazon Q - the Business-grade AI Assistant from AWS

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By AI Sam

Nov 28, 2023

Amazon's AWS re:Invent conference is always a melting pot for innovations in cloud technology and AI, but this year particular attention is being paid to the company's new AI chatbot, Amazon Q.📣

Excitement has been building around Amazon's next move in generative AI since its large language model Olympus was rumoured to have been trained on twice as many parameters as OpenAI's GPT-4. 💼

Designed specifically for business and configurable to organizations' needs, Amazon Q can answer questions, create content, and take actions based on information held in the organization's knowledge base, code, and enterprise systems. In a tweet CEO Andy Jassy called it "both your expert for building on AWS, and for analyzing your business". 💡

Pairing with more than 40 enterprise systems, notably Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, Amazon Q is initially being launched in a free preview version. Once the preview phase concludes, a tiered pricing model starting at $20 per user per month will come into force. Amazon Q's ability to integrate with a myriad of business software tools certainly seems impressive, and it's not hard to imagine it becoming indispensible for both developers and non-technical users via use-cases like detailed document citations and automatic changes to source code. 🖥️

Market analysts are already predicting widespread adoption of Amazon Q by developers and cloud administrators, but exactly how it contributes to Amazon's bottom line remains to be seen. Although AWS has a track record with end-user applications, the lion's share of its revenue still comes from its core computing and storage services. Meanwhile, OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap has expressed scepticism at the idea that LLMs are a silver bullet for business and leaked documents from Amazon have suggested Amazon Q's effectiveness is undermined by "severe hallucinations" and may even be leaking confidential data. 📑

Elsewhere at re:Invent 2023:

  • There was a showcase for Experience.Monk's AI "sassy" alien robot, Wormhole.👽
  • Key personnel like AWS's CEO Adam Selipsky and CTO Dr. Werner Vogels took part in a discussion about generative AI. 💡
  • Amazon anounced WorkSpaces Thin Client -- a budget-friendly and secure avenue to access cloud-based virtual desktops.💻
  • The company committed to a more sustainable future via the Fill it Forward initiative.💧
  • AWS introduced their next-gen chips AWS Graviton4 and AWS Trainium2, engineered to enhance generative AI training efficiency, and reportedly offering a leap forward in serverless computing for data analytics and customer applications.📊

AWS re:Invent 2023 Live: News and announcements
Amazon announces Q, an AI chatbot for businesses

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