Samsung Unveils Gauss

Samsung gauss Generative ai Aipowered devices Samsung vs apple Ai in consumer electronics

By AI Sam

Nov 09, 2023

Announced at Samsung's AI Forum 2023, Gauss represents a strategic move by the company to integrate generative AI into mainstream consumer devices -- a step which the company clearly hopes will take it ahead of competitor Apple. 👈

The Gauss suite consists of three parts:

  1. Samsung Gauss Language will help with tasks including email drafting, document summarization, and content translation, enhancing the overall user experience. 🗂️
  2. Samsung Gauss Code will support internal software development functions ranging from code description to generating AI test cases. This aims to provide an efficient and streamlined process for developers. 🖥️
  3. Samsung Gauss Image is designed to generate and modify images, with abilities encompassing stylistic changes and enhancement of low-resolution images. 🎨

Samsung has plans to incorporate Gauss technology into the forthcoming Galaxy S24 smartphones, which are set to launch in early 2024. This integration aims to pioneer on-device AI in smart devices - weaving personalized and secure functions with lower power consumption into the fabric of everyday tech tools. 📱

From a commercial perspective, Samsung has partnered with Naver Corp to establish a generative AI platform that will cater to corporate users in the chip design and manufacturing industry. This strategic partnership is positioned to put Samsung on a stronger footing in the world of AI industrial operations. 🤝

Given the sensitive nature of many AI use cases, Samsung is also bolstering its focus on risk elimination, security supervision, and privacy issue resolution. Meanwhile, Apple, despite CEO Tim Cook hinting at work in generative AI, has yet to unveil a product in the field. 🔐

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