"The most clear, structured and thoughtful guide to generative AI I have read."

The Definitive Guide for Executives

Find out how to leverage generative AI in your organisation, from top to bottom, with an easy-read primer on the key concepts and applied case studies.

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A Guide Designed for Organisations Like Yours

Large Language Models (LLMs) are the most important technological advance since the invention of the web, but most organisations don't yet know how to work with them. Generative AI: An Executive Guide is the essential primer on driving value from LLMs for:

  • C-Level Executives
  • Senior Managers responsible for AI strategy
  • Private, public, and third-sector organisations
  • Entrepreneurs, Startup and scale-up founding teams
  • Investors, Analysts and Investment Professionals

Everything You Need to Know, Fast

Generative AI: An Executive Guide is a smart, concise, 30-minute read providing the key insights time-poor executives need to make good decisions:

  • Market Overview
    Understand the Generative AI value-chain and how your organisation fits into it
  • Real Use-cases
    Learn from practical examples of successful LLM deployments across industries
  • Cheat-sheets
    Jargon-busting one-pagers on the Generative AI terminology most people get wrong
  • Change Management
    Prepare your people to thrive on the disruption Generative AI will bring about
  • Action Plan
    Find out how to move forward with effective deployment of LLMs in your organisation

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Comprehensive, Enlightening and Easy to Read

Generative AI: An Executive Guide removes the complexity, explains the field, and gives you practical guidance on how generative AI can be leveraged to create value for your organisation.

Key Concepts

Understand the fundamental principles of generative AI, and how they apply to organisations like yours in the real world.

Market Briefing

Quickly grasp the dynamics of the generative AI market, identify emerging trends, and understand how the industry is likely to evolve.

The Value Chain

Learn the layers of the generative AI stack, the business models of key players, and where value is being created.

Working with LLMs

Deep-dive into basic, intermediate, and advanced ways of using LLMs to super-charge organisational productivity.

Personal Productivity

Get the lowdown on how individuals' productivity can be enhanced with generative AI, in the workplace and beyond.

Risks and Safety

Identify the risks associated with implementing generative AI, from shortcomings to ethics and safety - and develop mitigations.

Questions for your team

A comprehensive inventory of critical questions for executives to consider when adopting generative AI by department.

Industry Case Studies

Packed with inspiring insight about the capabilities of generative AI today and where it is going next in different functions and industries.

...And Much Much More

From jargon-busters to prompt templates to cautionary tales, the Guide gives you everything you need for a complete grounding.

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What people are saying:

"The most clear, structured and thoughtful guide to generative AI I have read."

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Peter Turner Chief Commercial Officer, TeamViewer

"This is a great guide. Very clear and accessible and perfect for the non-technical reader."

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Marie Feliho Director of Customer Experience, Virgin Media O2

"A rare guide that's straightforward to read in what is a complex area. Helpful in particular in laying out key concepts and the practical implications for the C-Suite."

profile picture
Charlie Warhurst Chief Financial Officer, CubeLogic

"A solid explainer and clear. It gave me a number of jumping off points on where to go next and how I can apply it commercially in the various things I'm involved with."

profile picture
Gi Fernando MBE Entrepreneur, Investor and Chairman

"This was a very helpful read for an organisation that's increasingly being asked what our AI strategy is and where we're deploying it."

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Will Ashton CEO, Nest Performance

"There's no clear place to turn for a commercial understanding of both the opportunities and risks of generative AI, this guide laid it out in a clear way and it's fuelled a number of discussions internally. Recommended."

profile picture
Ameet Gill OBE Co-founder and Partner, Hanbury Strategy

"This is easily the best AI guide I have read (and I have given up on a few). Provides really useful structures to organise and understand the various aspects of AI and LLMs. The case studies made me realise specific ways we could use the technology."

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Nick Brittain Business Development Manager, Brittain Wynard
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The Authors

Sam Gilbert

Sam is an affiliated researcher at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of Good Data: An Optimist’s Guide to Our Digital Future (Welbeck, 2021) as well as influential reports on online safety, data ethics, crypto, web3, the metaverse, and AI. Previously, he was Employee No. 1 and CMO at the fintech unicorn ManyPets, and held senior roles at Experian and Santander.

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Ankur Shah

A criminal barrister turned entrepreneur, Ankur co-founded the Facebook Ads platform Techlightenment (sold to Experian), before creating and selling the multi-award-winning e-commerce lifestyle brand Mahabis, selling over a million pairs of shoes in 100+ countries. He currently advises high-growth companies and is working on projects leveraging generative AI, in sectors from adtech to financial services.

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